Paid search and context

If you are interested in immediate increase of sales and traffic – paid search and context can be a good solution. Paid search and context has several payment models: Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Impression. In case of Pay-Per-Click you pay for actual clicks. As concerns Pay-Per-Impression – the payment goes for each impression of your ad. All these models can be useful in various situations.

As an advertiser, you may bid on relevant search terms in order include your site immediately into sponsored search results. The age of the site doesn't matter. Over 30% of searches trigger a "Sponsored Ad" - this is the reason why paid traffic can supplement organic traffic in variety of cases. Running paid traffic campaign gives you the ability to have precise control on situation. The campaign provides you with up-to-date marketing data which can be analyzed and used in order to improve other aspects of offline/online marketing.

YWSolution specializes in paid search campaigns management on Google and Bing. As concerns context campaigns – we work with Google and Bing context networks as well as with 2nd tier networks ( Looksmart, Miva ).

The services we provide:

Existing campaign(s) audit and optimization

  • Existing and additional keyword research/analysis
  • Ad group structure optimization
  • Ads optimization
  • Conversion analysis
  • Bid management optimization

New campaign(s)

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Ad group structure creation
  • Effective ad copywriting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Bid management

ROI maximization for a designated ad budget

Monitoring and analysis of the performance statistics

Development of additional promotional data ( such as customized landing pages ) if needed


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