Get a new website

Finally you decided to get a new website. Will it be a corporate presence website, e-commerce site, news portal or just a blog? The decision is yours. As soon as you know what you need – we will help you to transform your ideas into the code. No matter what type of website you will have, the content management system ( CMS ) makes it possible for you to manage all the aspects of the website's life cycle.

The scope of procedures/services related to the new website development:

Projecting stage

  • Identification of business goals
  • Identification of design requirements
  • Identification of functionality requirements
  • Identification of technical requirements ( e.g. hosting etc. )
  • Resources estimation ( time / costs )

Development stage

  • Formalization of the business logic
  • Creation of the overall graphical design concept including all the interfaces
  • Database model projecting and implementation
  • Backend / frontend programming

Pre-release stage

  • Demonstration to the client and verification of all the processes
  • Testing and bug fixing ( if needed )

Launch stage

  • Website migration to the production server

In case of interest please send us REQUEST with any questions/comments you may have.