Website modifications

Do you need to modify the functionality of your website in order to suit new business needs? Do you want to add a simple contact form, sophisticated shop with shopping cart or just to renew the design of the web? In all such cases we will be glad to help you.

The scope of procedures/services related to a new website modification:

Projecting stage

  • Identification of business goals
  • Current website audit
  • Identification of design requirements
  • Identification of functionality requirements
  • Identification of technical requirements ( e.g. hosting etc. )
  • Resources estimation ( time / costs )

Development stage

  • Formalization of the business logic
  • Design requirements implementation
  • Database model projecting and implementation
  • Backend / frontend programming

Pre-release stage

  • Demonstration to the client and verification of all the processes
  • Testing and bug fixing ( if needed )

Launch stage

  • Publication of the modifications on the production server

In case of interest please send us REQUEST with any questions/comments you may have.